Sunday, February 15, 2009

Virgin Global Row

Many of you will already be aware of Olly Hicks. He is currently wallowing around the Southern Ocean in a one-man rowing boat as part of Virgin Global Row- an attempt to row around the world single-handedly. He has already rowed across the Atlantic in the expedition called Virgin Row and a good friend of mine, George Olver, produced and directed the accompanying documentary through his company Pendragon Productions. He is naturally doing another film for this epic adventure as well.

Olly sends blogs from his rowing boat each day and they are more often than not fairly amusing- primarily because of the conditions from which you know they are coming from.

On the home page is a google map function that tracks Olly's progress
, which currently shows just how hard the conditions are out there- the wind is pushing him around in circles while he stubbornly attempts to recover his distance each day. I do feel for him.

I would really recommend having a look at the Virgin Global Row website and signing up to the daily updates via RRS or e-mail. This is a chance to witness a global first in physical challenges. Imagine being in touch with Edmund Hillary during his asent of Everest!

Monday, February 9, 2009

"could she be... the most beauuutiful bike in the world [so beautifulll, beaut-i-fu-uuul]"

I feel I must explain... if you are a touch confused with the title of this post, it was attempted word play on Prince's song The most beautiful girl in the world. Apologies.

These bikes are simply incredible. Ever since I owned my first racing bike aged 17, aptly named Whippet by Kate, a school friend of mine, I have developed a love for them. As much as I can appreciate some of the production bikes around, there is something magical about custom built bikes- they have their own personality. It's selfish, I know. But in the same way I wouldn't like hundred of clones of my (non-existent, future) wife around- I don't like the idea of other people having (and possibly loving) the same bike. Anyway, before I go too far with the comparison between wives and bikes... here it is.

Fast Boy Bicycles

They are simply beautiful. The designs. The finishes. The care. Just incredible. The guy that builds them seems cool and he has an interesting blog of his own on the website. Just beautiful. I hope you enjoy them as much as me.