Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vegetable Garden

I have spent much of the last week gardening, which doesn't strictly count as job hunting (supposedly my primary objective) but the weather has been amazing and one doesn't often get the chance.

In addition to the usual tasks of mowing the lawn, weeding the flowerbeds, de-mossing the garden path, I brought back to life our veggie patch which is now looking rather exciting- in a rather unexciting way- if that makes any sense.

veggie patch

I have potted some chili peppers, thyme, garlic and sweet basil, which are to be kept indoors for a month or so until they can be transferred outside.

potted chilli

potted thyme

potted basil

Already in the garden I have onions (both early and late season), parsnips, carrots, three varieties of lettuce, radishes and a decent wild strawberry bed.

Ready to be planted in a month or so are some runner beans, cherry tomatoes, purple sprouting broccoli, courgettes and cucumbers.

I have protected the onions, carrots and parsnips from the birds with the net, but only had one- not to worry... I recalled from a TV show a few years ago that CDs on string do the trick of scaring them away- I would have loved to build a scarecrow but felt that this might be going over the top. hmmmm..

Below are a few photos- I hope to keep you updated on the progress and perhaps a few of you would be kind enough to taste the produce once the harvest comes. arrrrggghh. back to the garden for me. Farmer Rad.

veggie patch with CDs dangling from the A-frame.

potted garlic

strawberry bed (currently just leaves) on the right

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photography by Dustin Humphrey (and David Parker)

Occasionally, very occasionally, I see a photograph that just makes my jaw drop. I can clearly remember the first time it happened to me- I was 17 and it was a David Parker photograph called "Landscape III" (below). The original is about 7 feet wide and 3 feet tall, printed on this magnificent paper, framed and situated on it's own in the window of the Michael Hoppen gallery just off the King's Road, London. It was magnificent. astonishing. ethereal.

Landscape III by David Parker

Today, I felt a similar twang. To my disappointment it was on the internet. Don't get me wrong, I love the internet, but I am aware of it's limitations. Nothing can beat seeing art/photographs in person. I can only imagine my response if it had been to a real print, presented in a similar manner to "Landscape III". The photographer in question is called Dustin Humphrey. He has just won the first prize in the Advertising category for the Sony Photographer of the Year Awards. His entry was entitled 'NUTOPIA', originally commissioned for the surf clothing firm Insight.

"NUTOPIA" BY Dustin Humphrey

It turns out that originally, Dustin Humphreys or "D. Hump" as he is affectionately known is one of the surf-world’s most forward-thinking photographers. Originally from Huntington Beach but now based in Bali. Here are a few more images that will knock you out.

and for old time's sake, here are a couple more from David Parker...