Sunday, September 30, 2012


A few weeks ago I built a digital SLR/ iPad photobooth for Hannah and my wedding party. I'm planning on doing a post on how it's all made but thought I'd share the results first. It's best viewed full screen (button in the bottom right corner). Enjoy. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Letterpress Wedding Invites

Here are a few photos of our wedding invitation. It was a simple, intimate ceremony for 20 guests at The Old Marylebone Town Hall, followed by a couple of hours at the local pub and supper at The Dock Kitchen

Being a small affair, we wanted to have a very personal invitation that was both informative and a pleasure to look at, even after the wedding has finished. 

I've always loved the look of letterpress printing and our wedding invitation proved to be a perfect opportunity to put it into practice. I booked studio time at the St. Bride Foundation Studio and was helped by the wonderful Helen Ingham of Hi-Artz Press.

Below is a video explaining all about how Letterpress printing works and a few photos of the final invite.

It took about 3 evenings to design and print the invite. It went through numerous versions. A few things that took some time to get right were:

  • Ensuring the correct amount of negative space between the R and the A, and the A and the D of 'RAD'. What would take 5 seconds to do in Photoshop took 30 minutes to do in the studio. I had to slip thin pieces of paper between the woodblocks until it looked right. 
  • Spacing the words in the left column so that all lines started with 'T'. This did however use up all the capital Ts which meant I couldn't start the right-hand column with 'The Old Marylebone...' it just had to be 'Old Marylebone...'. 
  • Justifying the right hand column to the right and the left hand column to the left. This left the whole thing far more balanced than having both columns justified left. 
  • Spacing the whole design vertically- the distance between RAD and AND, and AND and HAN proved tricky. *Wow, never thought I'd write a sentence with 5 ANDs in a row! You need thin pieces of 'furniture' to put between the lines. 
  • To ensure all the text had the same weight impression, I had to place think strips of paper under the letters that have had more use. This took ages. Trial and error is the only way. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Talalla Surf Camp

Hannah and I spent a great week surfing with Jack at Talalla Surf Camp, Sri Lanka. Highly recommended. Check out the video they made of our week.